Capital Region's Best Places to Work Award Recipient!

CapitalCare Medical Group is a physician-owned medical practice with over 600 employees including more than 150 healthcare professionals. The group offers primary care services in Family Practice, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine throughout the Capital District. CapitalCare also provides services in Endocrinology, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics, Nephrology, adult and pediatric Neurology, medical nutrition therapy, and comprehensive diabetes education and operates a state-of-the-art clinical laboratory. CapitalCare welcomes new patients and participates with most major health insurance carriers.

CapitalCare Medical Group a great place to work. CapitalCare Medical Group offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package, including medical, dental, vision and life insurance, holidays, paid time off, 401(k), discounts on services and memberships, and much more, in a business casual environment! We demonstrate our continuous commitment to our employees with a rewarding work environment, our active involvement in the community, and the opportunity to learn and grow with us.


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Why is CapitalCare a great place to work?

Here's what our people say about us...

I just started, but I am excited to work for a company that has been voted a Capital Region Best Places to Work!
I feel that I am very fortunate to work for such a wonderful group of physicians.
Best employment I have ever had in my many years of work.
I enjoy coming to work everyday!! Co-workers have become part of my family and I have made some very good friends here.
I feel very fortunate to work at CapitalCare. It's nice to actually enjoy your time at work.
Our company has 25+ sites around the Capital Region. It's difficult to get to know everyone however our company makes every effort to get our sites together so we can know our distant co-workers.
I really enjoy my job, especially my boss. I'm allowed flexibility and any publications I may need to assist in my job I can order and my boss is always available to assist in any situation.
You are given plenty of opportunities to participate.
I am exceptionally proud to work for this company.
I thoroughly enjoy my position as a CapitalCare employee. I enjoy coming to work every day and have no complaints.
Great place to work. Very friendly!
A very nice place to work. A friendly atmosphere.
My current office is very knowledgeable and everyone is very good at their jobs. Patients appreciate everyone and trust that they are in good hands. I am proud to work for such caring and confident doctors.
Office manager does a very good job of creating a team working environment. She takes time to recognize all employees in the office and how to build on strengths and work on weaknesses.
Our company is in an overall transition at this time and they are doing the best job they can in giving and receiving feedback from the workforce. Everyone is encouraged to participate in discussion groups or panels.
This will be my 10th year with the company. I still look forward to coming to work everyday. CapitalCareis truly one of the Best Places to Work.
I feel fortunate that I landed a job with CapitalCare. I find coming to work a pleasure and I look forward to my future with them. My site is a perfect blend of fun mixed with the right amount of challenges.
My manager finds out and understands things that motivate me and keep me happy.
Great atmosphere and great manager!
They do not micromanage. They are always delighted to answer any of my questions (even if they have been asked a dozen times).
Offering participation in workgroups to better understand the needs of the organization in regards to offering quality healthcare to its patients. Allowing staff to explore and learn to better themselves which ultimately makes them more knowledgeable staff.
Flexible hours and schedules. Casual Fridays (jeans). Relaxed atmosphere that creates an environment where you feel open to express your ideas, concerns, etc.
My manager is very involved, a hard worker and loves her job. She is very approachable and offers praise when appropriate and constructive feedback to help me do my best.
My manager provides good feedback, she listens and makes you feel involved in decisions.
We are allowed to work on our own without management hovering over our shoulders. New ideas for the office flow are always welcome.
We are encouraged to work as a team! This is an absolute necessity for good, no great, patient care!
CapitalCare expresses their appreciation for all of our team efforts. This motivates our team to work harder. They recognize the stressful times and arrange meetings to help solve problem issues. This helps to create a productive workplace.
Encourages you to push further if they feel you are capable.
Continuous support and development opportunities, flexibility with work schedules, and an overall positive working environment. We are encouraged to meet our goals, to work together as a team, and to pursue opportunities that will expand knowledge in our field.
CapitalCare is laid back and is not uptight and makes me feel really comfortable at work. They may not often let me know I'm doing a good job but when they do they really do it well. They are understanding when things come up and I can't be at work.
My manager makes sure there is enough staff and if not, stays to help. We all work as a team and can depend on each other.
Positive reinforcement, creating a family environment, outspoken appreciation.
Supplies all necessary educational tools and also does not micromanage.
Looks for your input and recognizes your work.
They respect and value the team that helps them provide high quality care t our patients. They recognize top performance and are willing to invest in these individuals. They are committed to excellence.
Every member of the supervising staff is incredibly easy to talk to and understanding of personal issues or problems that may arise. They each take the time to make sure the work environment is comfortable and fun.
There is little to no micromanagement, there is a firm understanding of personal life priorities sometimes needed to take precedent, and I think my superiors trust me, as much as I trust them. This makes me honestly look forward to work, and contributing as much as I can to the team every day.
Analyze shortcomings and make improvements for better workflow.
We are constantly being praised and recognized by our supervisors. Every birthday is acknowledged with a cake and a card.
Recognition of individuals in staff meetings for doing the extra things. Demonstrate that they are interested in suggestions and appreciate work efforts.
CapitalCare is definitely one of the best places to work in the Capital District. I would highly recommend this organization as a place to learn, grow and to develop positive relationships with management and peers. I personally look forward to continuing to grow within the company for several years. I have worked for a few different organizations in this area and so far nothing has compared to my level of job satisfaction accompanied with the rewarding work environment that CapitalCare offers.
Treats everyone fair. Never makes you feel stupid or slow if you don't understand the directions. Always shows respect to the patients even if they get mean, she always keep her head and manners.
They give us the tools necessary to be successful in our jobs. They offer recognition for jobs well done. Continually asks for our feedback as to how we are doing.
CapitalCare provides the ability for advanced training. Also they are very flexible in terms of working with your hours in the event of personal conflicts that may arise.
Clear goals from direct supervisors.
CapitalCare provides the ability for advanced training. Also they are very flexible in terms of working with your hours in the event of personal conflicts that may arise.
Owners are usually available. We have been given the opportunity to grow and expand our duties, take on new responsibilities and incorporate new ideas.
Everybody is very friendly and helpful. A great team atmosphere. We constantly work together to find ways to help improve our patients experience and make sure that we are running as effectively as possible.
Company picnic, monthly staff meetings/lunches and a holiday party!