Having trouble with how to use your computer? How about navigating the internet or figuring out social media? Whether you are a beginner learning the basics or are a more advanced tech wiz, Cyber Seniors provides excellent tutorials on how to utilize your laptop, tablet, and/or phone, while bridging the generation gap between younger and elder individuals.


What is Cyber Seniors?

Cyber Seniors is a FREE computer based literacy program led by student mentors from the Niskayuna High School. We match each patient with their very own mentor that has been trained in the Cyber Seniors curriculum. Based on what the patient prefers, students design a tailored program to meet each one of our patient’s needs.


Featured Above: Patients and mentors enjoying our first Cyber Seniors class!


Program Overview

The program is designed to be taught over the course of 6 weeks, with training ranging from basic computer use, to exploring social media. Patients are provided Google Chromebooks by the Niskayuna High School Library to practice and learn their computer skills. If you prefer to learn from your own device (laptop, phone, or tablet) feel free to bring that along!


Program Curriculum

Please note, program curriculum is subject to change based on patient preference. Patients are not restricted to the lessons below, if they have specific questions, mentors can create a customized curriculum based on their interests:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Computers

Lesson 2: The Keyboard

Lesson 3: Sending & Receiving Email

Lesson 4: Internet Browsing/ Search

Lesson 5: Social Media & Internet Terminology

Lesson 6: Patient Choice!


Class Dates:

Admission to Cyber Seniors is on a rolling basis beginning fall 2017.

To reserve a seat or for more information, please contact Saleha Atif, Program Coordinator, at (518) 452-1337x7121, or by email at satif@capcare.com.