23 Oct

4th Annual Patient Summit

4th Annual Patient Summit

On Tuesday, October 17th, we held our 4th Annual Patient Summit at the Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia, NY. This event provides a great opportunity to interact with the members on our Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFAC) and share how each PFAC has generated positive changes within our offices and even our community.

Our guest speaker for the evening was Erica Salamida, Director of Education and Outreach from the Alzheimer’s Association Northeastern New York. Erica’s presentation, Help and Hope: Resources for Alheimer’s Caregivers, provided our patients with valuable information and resources.

In addition to recognizing the achievements of our PFACs, the highlight of this evening was the  interactive Q&A panel. Our panelists included: Keegan Bailey, Strategy and Technology Leader; Carol Braungart, Director of Practice Intelligence; Jamie Brock, Director of Clinical Education and Staff Development; Shannon Doherty, Project Manager for Practice Intelligence; Kathleen Mattice, Chief Clinical Officer; Marie Occhiogrosso, RN, CDE, Nutrition and Diabetes Program Director; and Alicia Sikora, Director of Marketing and Communications.

As another Patient Summit concludes, we are already anticipating new changes brought on by our PFACs in the coming year. Thank you to everyone who is involved in the PFACs and this year’s Patient Summit – we couldn’t do it without our amazing staff and, of course, our dedicated patients!