12 Dec

Dealing With Stress During the Holiday Season

Dealing With Stress During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is among us. This usually means more shopping, baking, cleaning, and entertaining, just to name a few. It's important to start preparing for the stress and chaos that comes along with the holidays to prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed.  If you don’t make a plan to take time to relax, the holidays can become draining.


Here are some tips to prevent stress this holiday season:

  • Make a gift budget and stick to it
  • Ask people what they want/need for a gift instead of trying to find that perfect gift for each person
  • Ask others to bring a dish to gatherings rather than making everything yourself
  • Cook and freeze foods ahead of time to make the day of the get-together easier
  • Allow time for yourself to relax and enjoy the holiday
  • Don’t travel during rush hour and give plenty of time to get where you are heading
  • Don’t abandon healthy habits by overindulging
  • Ask others to help complete chores and decorate
  • Rest when your body tells you to and get plenty of sleep
  • Set aside differences with family members
  • Remember what’s really important is spending time with loved ones


People with pre-existing anxiety and depression are more likely to develop the holiday blues and see their conditions worsen during this time of year. If someone you care about struggles during the holiday, reach out to them. 

If you suffer from depression or anxiety personally, make sure you talk about your feelings with others and take time to think about coping plans. Don’t isolate yourself from others.  Some coping mechanisms include: spending time with others, helping others, staying active, or trying something new. And if you recognize that you need help, ask for it. 


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