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9 May

Electronic Prescribing in New York State

Electronic Prescribing in New York State

Electronic Prescribing in New York State

As of March 27, 2016, prescribers in New York State are required by law to electronically prescribe all medications to patients. This law aims to control abuse of certain medications such as pain killers known as opioids, and prevent forging and altering of paper prescriptions. Although Minnesota was the first state to introduce mandatory electronic prescribing, New York was the first to include consequences for those healthcare practitioners that do not electronically prescribe.

Since you will no longer be receiving paper prescriptions from your doctor, it is recommended for you to request a print out of your newly prescribed medication(s) or your entire medication list. This print out should include the name, strength, and directions for the newly prescribed medication(s). Your medication list can often be provided to you at the end of each visit with your doctor.

The following are the most common questions surrounding this new law:

Are there any exceptions to this law?

  • In the case of emergencies or technological failures, prescriptions may be handwritten on an official New York State prescription form. These cases must be reported to the state.
  • Emailed prescriptions are not allowed; faxed prescriptions for non-controlled medications are allowed under certain circumstances.

How do I find the best price for my medication?

  • Before the prescriber electronically sends your prescription to the pharmacy you may discuss finding the best price. Contacting you insurance company can help you determine if there is a preferred pharmacy.
  • If you are paying out of pocket, many pharmacies have a list of discounted medications that are available online or in the store.
  • If your medication is a non-controlled substance, you can transfer a refill to another pharmacy.

If you have any concerns regarding any of your newly prescribed medication(s) you can always ask your pharmacist or contact your physician.