26 Jan

Staying Active in the Winter

Staying Active in the Winter

The winter months can be a difficult time for everyone, especially when it comes to staying active. Once the weather changes, it is much more tempting to stay inside where it is nice and warm. We know it can be difficult to be active for these few months but it's very important to get  any exercise that you can. Not only will it help keep you healthy, but it may also improve your mood and keep away those winter blues.


Here are some suggestions on how to keep active during the winter:

  • Walk the mall
  • Join a health club
  • Join an exercise class or indoor sports team
  • Find an indoor pool
  • Create a home gym
  • Take walks on your lunch break
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Perform household chores (vacuuming, shoveling, etc.)  


If you decide to brave the weather, remember these tips:

  • Dress in layers so that if you get too warm one can be removed (avoid cotton)
  • Cover up your extremities especially your toes, fingers, and ears
  • Wear gloves and heavy socks
  • Be wary of icy areas
  • Stay hydrated
  • Wear sunscreen, it is still possible to get burnt in the cold 


Even though it can be difficult in the winter months, staying active can help your overall health. Not only does it have benefits physically, but mentally as well. Exercising is a great way to make yourself feel better, especially if it is outside!


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